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Written Work

Through my time on and off campus, I've had the incredible opportunity to work at some incredible places through classes, extracurriculars and internships. Please take a look at some of the work I've done for these great publications.

At, I have served as a High School Sports Reporter. During my time here, I have written game and profile stories about Central New York high school sports teams and athletes and earned multiple subscriptions for the platform through subscriber-only articles.

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The Daily Orange

At The Daily Orange, I have served as a Staff Writer, Women’s Volleyball Beat Reporter in the spring of 2021 and Women’s Ice Hockey Beat Reporter in the spring of 2022. While I've primarily written stories about athletes and people involved it sports at Syracuse University, I have also branched out of sports while working for the DO.

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ABC7 News Bay Area

At ABC7 News Bay Area, I was a Sports/News Intern. While I was there, I produced sports segments for nightly news broadcasts for ABC7, the top station in the San Francisco Bay Area media market. I also logged sporting events and assisted producers in creating video packages, as well as finding and researching news stories for the Assignment Desk. I primarily worked behind the scenes for ABC7, but did write briefly for the station's website and assist in managing their social media accounts. 


Perfect Game USA

At Perfect Game USA, I was a Baseball Journalism Intern. While I was there, I wrote baseball game recaps and player profile pieces on the best amateur baseball prospects in the world. In doing so, I interviewed players, coaches and former major leaguers about their experiences and performances at Perfect Game tournaments and amassed over 60,000 story views in a three-month span.

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