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My Background

I've always been obsessed with sports. As many young kids do, I dreamt of becoming a professional athlete, and luckily enough, that dream led me to play Division I football at Syracuse University. But, as much as I loved playing sports, I loved learning about them just as much. That desire to learn led me to consume as much sports media as possible from a young age.

While I always loved watching and reading about sports, I didn't try my hand at sports journalism until high school when I joined The Redwood Bark. After writing my first story about school alums succeeding in college sports, I was hooked. I haven't looked back since, learning that I could merge my passions of sports and writing into the career pursuit of being a sports journalist.

As my athletic career ends, I look forward to shifting my focus to sports journalism and embarking on that career full-time. As a former Division I athlete armed with the expertise of a Newhouse education, I have a unique perspective that I anticipate sharing as a professional sports journalist very soon.

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